UC320ES-Black PU Palm Coated Work Gloves With Black 13G Cut Resistant Liner Level A5/E, Smooth Finish, Screen Touch
NXP820RS-​18G Cut Resistant Liner Level A2/B, Black Micro Foam Nitrile Palm Coated With Purlicue Part Reinforced,ScreenTouch
NXP340RS-Black Nitrile Micro Foam Palm Coated Work Gloves
NXP340MS-Black Nitrile Micro Foam+Dots Palm Coated Work Gloves
NMP340S-Screentouch Nitrile Palm Dipped CutMaster™Liner Anti-cut Safety Working Gloves
GN216DT-Screentouch Nitrile Anti-Cut Safety Working Gloves A4/D

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